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Section 17.1 General magazines

John Russell writes in May 1995:



Linn's Stamp News (a weekly) 1 year $39. 2 years $69. PO BOX 97 (800) 448-7293 (for subscriptions only) Sidney, Ohio 45365 USA US & Canada Fax: (800) 340-9501 Main switchboard: (513) 498-0801


Global Stamp News (a monthly) 1 year $7.00 PO BOX 29 2 years $12.00 Sidney, Ohio 45365 USA Phone: (513) 492-3183 Fax: (513)492-6514


Mekeel's Stamp News & Market Report (a weekly) 1 year $19.95 PO BOX 5050 2 years $30.00 White Plains, NY 10602 (frequent special offers) Subscriber info line (800) 635-3351 Phone/Fax (914)-997-7621


Stamps (a weekly) $23.50 for 60 issues 85 Canisteo St. $42.00 for 112 issues Hornell, NY 14843 (800) 787-2212 & (607) 324-2212


Stamps Auction News (a monthly) $3.25 a year for US, Canada & 85 Canisteo St. Mexico Hornell, NY 14843 $8.00 all other countries (800) 787-2212 & (607) 324-2212


The Canadian Stamp News (a weekly) one year US subscribers $27.95 103 Lake Shore Drive Suite #202 St. Catherines, Ontario Canada L2N 2T6


American Philatelist (a monthly) An APS publication The American Philatelic Society (APS) phone: (814) 237-3803 PO BOX 8000 Fax: (814) 237-6128 State College, PA 16803 Magazine e-mail: APS Library matters: Other APS matters: execa[ This very fine magazine is included with the annual membership fees. US @$25., Canada @$28., the rest of the world $31 **********************************************************************

The Compulatelist (a quarterly) A PCSG publication The Philatelic Computing Study Group (PCSG) APS affiliate #212 PO BOX 5025 Oxnard, CA 93031 Editor: Bob de Violini Phone: (805)938-4741 e-mail: or Annual dues: US@ $10. -- Canada@ $12. -- Others @$17.


Topical Time (a bi-monthly) An ATA publication The American Topical Association (ATA) annual dues: US@ $15. PO BOX 630 non-US residents: $18. Johnstown, PA 15907 USA


Scott Stamp Monthly (12 times a year) Editor: Wayne L. Youngblood Subscription Department P.O. Box 828 Sidney, OH 45365 1 year@$17.95, 2 years@29.95 Single issue $3.00 Canadian surface mail, add $8.00 US per year. Outside US and Canada, add $23.00 US per year. Has Scott catalog updates, topical listings, stamp programs for US, Canada, & UN. Monthly Free for All offer gives away free stamps.

*********************************************************************** compliments of Phil Guptill Internet address: ### 5/17/95 information Information on other philatelic publications will be appreciated and added to this List as I receive them.

Section 17.1.1 Linn's

Weekly magazine. Opinions differ sharply: some people maintain it's total rubbish, while others swear they couldn't live without it. Subscription rate: $33 [1yr], $59 [2yrs] (foreign add $40). Address: Linn's Stamp News, P.O. Box 29, Sidney, OH 45365, USA Average no. of pages: 80

Jeff Needleman writes: I realize academics are a wee bit frugal (which is the kindest way I know to phrase it), but I thought I should point out that Linn's will be glad to send anyone a sample copy for $1.75. Write to:

Linn's Stamp News P. O. Box 29 Sidney, OH 45365

Subscriptions to Linn's are $33.00 per year; Linn's offers better rates through promotions. Writing for a sample will put you on its mailing list for the next discount subscription promotion. Jeff Needleman <JNEEDLEMAN@MCIMAIL.COM>

"Matthew Gore" I agree that Linn's is a fine publication. My only problem with it is that it takes me too long to go through it. Before I'm past the first third I have another issue to read. For this reason, I think I'm going to let my subscription lapse and pick up about every eighth issue, retail.

>From Eric Bustad (

Linn's has two 800 #s listed in the paper: +1 800 448 7293 for subscriptions and books +1 800 837 0194 for classified ads

For those who cannot dial U.S. 800 numbers, they also list the number +1 513 498 0801.

David Lee writes: BTW, Linn's is not owned by Scotts; Scotts is owned by Amos Press Inc. which also owns Linns Stamp News.. Amos bought out Scott Publishing Co. which owns Scotts several years ago; Amos has owned Linns for many years.

You can get a free couple of Linns by simply mailing in the postpaid card that comes with each issue. Subscribers can write in the new of a friend and they will receive a free copy.. For those outside the U.S., postage for first class might be expensive unless you are willing to wait using the newspaper rate like everyone else in the U.S...

There is a toll free telephone number for customers; but I don't know if it is worldwide.. Also, don't overlook the philatelic books published by Linn's; they have some excellent, inexpensive reference material which most collectors can always use.. Following the numerous ads in Linn's keeps you up to date on the retail market for stamps sales..

Norman Hinton writes: I can't imagine being without it: it has some of the best writing and overall reporting of any US stamp journal. > - Does it feature only USA topics? No, not at all: there is more US than other material, naturally, but the coverage is world-wide. > - How many pages (weekly)? Current issue is 80 pages and that's pretty standard: 75--80 range. > - etc. It's not just the usual `here's a new stamp' or `one more time, the story of the inverted Jenny' stuff. They have blown the whistle on the Philatelic Foundation, which was doing all kinds of funny business, for instance. And they do rather good publications on the side, such as An Introduction to Stamps of Mexico.....

They are owned by the Scott Catalog folks, but as far as I can see, totally independent: they are not afraid to criticize Scott's.

Section 17.1.2 The Philatelic Observer

Issued by the JPA (see the chapter on Philiatelic Societies).

Section 17.2 Specialised magazines

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