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Section 14.1 General


The 1994-95 APS Handbook contains the name of every stamp club registered with the American Philatelic Society, including address, contact person, and meeting schedule. If you do not have a copy, send an e-mail message to <JACKSON@IGS.CVIOG.UGA.EDU>to obtain this information. [Additional information is needed here for identifying stamp clubs in other countries.]


For the United States, this information is listed in the 1994-95 APS Handbook. If you do not have a copy, follow the directions in the previous question. [Additional information is needed here for identifying dealers in other countries.]

Section 14.1.1 American Philatelic Society (APS)


Offers `Special' Memberships: Take Advantage of Family

Discounts, Life Memberships, Dealer Listings

No matter what a person's age or stamp collecting interest, he or she may join the American Philatelic Society. Membership applications are printed periodically on the back wrappers of The American Philatelist and also are available from the APS, P.O. Box 8000, State College, Pennsylvania 16803 U.S.A. Any individual who pays the basic membership fee is a regular member, regardless of age. A regular member who is not yet 21 years old is assigned a membership number prefixed with the letter "J," which is dropped when the member attains legal age.

Memberships Half-Price for Additional Family Members If you are a regular member, your spouse and/or any child younger than age 18 who lives with you may join for one-half the regular membership fee. Share your hobby and membership with your entire family. Family members who are youth or spouse members do not receive The American Philatelist. While a separate application for each spouse and youth applicant is required, additional references are not. Spouse and youth members are assigned individual membership numbers, spouses with an S prefix and young people with a Y prefix.

Life Membership You may choose to become a life member of the American Philatelic Society at any time after you reach age 21. The life membership fee for persons residing in the United States, based upon the 1994 annual dues rate, is $440. The life membership fee for Canadian members is $500, and that for members who live outside the United States and Canada, $560. Applicants for regular membership who concurrently apply for life membership must add the $3 admission fee to these amounts. If you joined the APS prior to January 1, 1974, and your membership number is lower than 74902, you may be eligible for life membership at less than the stated fee. Members joining before that date are granted APS life membership upon completing thirty years of continuous membership AND reaching age 65. You may obtain life membership prior to actually meeting those two requirements by paying an amount equal to the total dues (at current rates) for the number of years remaining before you would actually fulfill BOTH requirements. The APS Administrative staff will calculate the exact sum for you upon request. Please include your date of birth with your request.

Foreign Membership The APS has members in more than 100 countries. If you correspond with collectors outside the United States, why not sponsor them for membership? Regular members who maintain addresses not directly serviced by the U.S. Postal Service, an APO/FPO, or a Canada Post address are required to pay a foreign-member mailing surcharge of $6 per year. APS members in Canada pay a mailing surcharge of $3. The Canadian and foreign surcharges are not applicable to spouse and youth members, who do not receive The American Philatelist.

Membership Gifts and Referrals -- Recruiting Aids

Gifts To give a gift membership in the American Philatelic Society, all you need to do is to send the name and address of the recipient of your gift to the APS, P.0. Box 8000, State College, Pennsylvania 16803. An application for membership and a card announcing your gift will be sent to the recipient, along with a current issue of The American Philatelist. We will invoice you for the prorated membership fee for the balance of the current year. Membership will be processed as soon as the recipient completes and returns the membership application. If requested, we also can arrange to have your recipient's renewal notices sent to you so that you can renew your gift membership each year.

Referrals If you simply want to recommend an individual for membership, just send his or her name and address to the APS, indicating that you wish to recommend that person for membership. An invitation to join the Society will be sent to each such prospect, with your name listed as proposer. If you are credited with recruiting five new members during the same calendar year, you will receive a year's free dues or the equivalent credit, which may be used to purchase APS services and specialty items.

Recruiting Kits A special recruiting kit containing service forms, a poster, and other supplies is available to members willing to promote the American Philatelic Society. An instruction booklet with tips to assist you in using the kit at a stamp show or other event is included in the kit. A copy of the current APS Handbook also is included in each kit to assist you in answering questions about the Society. For further information, contact Frank Sente, director of administration, P.O. Box 8000, State College, Pennsylvania 16803.

Enclose APS Reply Cards with All of Your Mailings Special postage-free business reply cards are available for inclusion in club bulletins, promotional solicitations, house organs, auction catalogues, price lists, and so forth. Recipients may return these cards to the APS to obtain membership information. The referrer's name is noted at that time and is listed as proposer on the application sent to the person making the inquiry. Sponsors receive one year's regular dues free, or the equivalent credit, for every five members recruited during the same calendar year. The promotional cards are available free and are one of the easiest ways to obtain new member credits -- and the APS does all the paperwork!

Dealer Display Stand Retail dealers may publicize their membership in the APS at the same time they are earning recruiting credits. The APS has available a distinctive plastic countertop or wall-mount display stand that holds a supply of business reply cards. The stand serves as a recruiting aid for the Society, while advertising that the dealer is a member and supporter of the largest stamp organization in the United States. The stand and a supply of business reply cards are available from the APS at no charge to any member who agrees to display them prominently.

Professional Dealer Listing -- a Special, Free Service If you maintain APS membership and are a full-time or part- time dealer older than 21 years of age and otherwise meet the requirements, you may be listed in the APS membership records as a professional stamp dealer. Dealer listings are provided at no charge, to identify professional members as a service to the membership. Applications for full-time or part-time dealer listings are available from APS Headquarters. Dealer members of the Society receive periodic mailings of interest to professionals and are listed in the APS Dealer Member Directory. APS membership application forms are printed periodically on the back wrappers of The American Philatelist and also are available from the APS, P.O. Box 8000, State College, Pennsylvania 16803, telephone 814-237-3803.

Section 14.1.2 The American Philatelic Research Library (APRL)

SEE Chapter 19

Section 14.1.3 The American Philatelic Congress

Founded 1934. Publishes research papers and a 'Congress Book'. Has an award program, o.a. the Colby memorial award for the best philatelic article (awarded once every 18 months). For information: Russell~V.~Skaravil, 222 E.~Torrence Road, Columbus, OH 43214.

No information from STAMPS list members available.

Section 14.1.4 The Junior Philatelists of America

The JPA is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting stamp collecting amoung young people. Issues a bimonthly magazine, The Philatelic Observer. Membership is open to anyone under 18. Menbership fees are $9 for one year or $16 for two years. Family memberships $14/26.

JPA, Box 850-e, Boalsburg, PA 16827--0850, USA.

No information from STAMPS list members available.

Section 14.1.5 Methodist Philatelic Society

No information available.

Section 14.1.6 The American First Day Cover Society

Annual dues are $20 (US), $28 (foreign).

Address: P.O. Box 65960, Tucson AZ 85728

E-mail: <>

Journal: First Days published 8-times per year. 88-96 pages per journal.

Section 14.1.7 The American Topical Association (ATA)

Magazine Topical Time, 6 issues/yr, approx. 100pages

Membership: $20,-- (Foreign $25)

They offer (extracted from their brochure):

Address: ATA, P.O.~Box 65749, Tucson, AZ 85728, USA

E-mail: <>

Section 14.2 Societies specializing in one Country

Section 14.2.1 Great Britain

Greame Sherman(Great Britain Philatelic Society)

Section 14.2.2 Thailand

Thailand Philatelic Soociety Issues a journal, The Thai Times, three numbers annually Membership details can be obtained fron the Hon. Secretary/Treasurer, G.E. Farrier, 260 Bannerdale Road, Sheffield S11 9FE England

Section 14.2.3 India

India Study Circle
Contact: Mrs. Joyce Brand
         20 Frogmore Close
         Hughhenden Valley, High Wycombe
         Bucks, HP14 4LN

or Dr. John Warren P.O. Box 70775 Washington, D.C. 20024

Membership fees for US residents is $24.00 per year. The study circle publishes the INDIA POST dealing with philatelic topics related to India. Also holds regular meetings in London, and conducts auctions of materials related to India and India states.

Section 14.3 Specialised societies

Section 14.3.1 American Revenue Association (ARA)

Address: ARA, c/o Bruce Miller, secretary, 701 S.~First Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006

In earlier years, bank drafts etc. were imprinted with revenue stamps. You may also contact the American Society of Check Collectors, c/o~Charles Kemp, Box 71892, Madison Heights, MI 48071, for more information about check collecting in general.

Section 14.3.2 The Meter Stamp society

Issues a quarterly journal, MSS Quarterly Bulletin. Membership dues: $12 (US), $14 (Canada/Mexico), $16 (all others).

Address: MSS Treasurer Jack Mayer, 1379 Islewood Drive, Anacortes, WA 98221.

Section 14.3.3 Bureau Issues Association

A national society of collectors specializing in the stamps of the United States. The BIA covers all stamped and revenue paper issued for use in the United States and their possessions. A monthly journal, The U.S. Specialist is one of the benefits of memberships. Annual dues are $20.00. Other publications including the Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog are available to members at a discount. For a list of publications or a sample copy of the journal ($2.00), write:

      Bureau Issues Association
      P.O. Box 23707
      Belleville, IL 62223

Section 14.3.4 British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group (BCPSG)

The area covered is the former British West Indies, including Bermuda, British Guiana, Guyana, British Honduras and Belize.

Journal: British Caribbean Philatelic Journal (published quarterly) Editor: Michel Forand, Box 20145, Ottawa, Ont, Canada K1N 9P4

Address: BCPSG c/o Thomas E. Giraldi, 2021 Wylie Drive, Modesto, CA 95355.

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