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Others who have contributed are: Nicholas G. Carter.

Section 4.1 Europe

The Zumstein is an exellent catalog for the European countries, used extensively in German-speaking countries, such as Switzerland. They also publish specialist Swiss and Liechtenstein catalogues.

Zumstein & Cie Inh. Hertsch & Co Briefmarken u. philat Verlag
Zeughausgasse 24
Postfach 3000 Bern 7
CH-3011 Bern
Phone: (+41 31) 312 00 55
Fax: (+41 31) 312 23 26

Section 4.1.1 Europa CEPT

MICHEL CEPT/UNO Katalog 1990/91, Umfang 248 Seiten, rund 2300 Abb. und 9000 Pr., 14,80 DM. S"amtliche Gemeinschaftsausgaben der CEPT-L"ander einscheisslich Vorl"aufer und Sympathieausgaben/Mitl"aufer, Dienstmarken f"ur den Europarat und die UNESCO; NATO, EFTA, Skandinavien-Gemeinschaftsausgaben, KSZE; Vereinte Nationen (UNO) Genf, Wien und New York.

Section 4.1.2 Austria

MICHEL Oesterreich-Spezial-Katalog 1990, 308 Seiten, ca. 3000 Abbildungen und 23000 Preisnotierungen, 28,-- DM.

MICHEL Handbuch-Katalog Oesterreich, Freimarken II. Republik, 120 Seiten, 19,80 DM. ``Ein vertiefte Katalogisierung der Freimarken 'Trachten', 'Bauten', 'Sch"ones Oesterreich' sowie der Portomarken von 1949.''

Section 4.1.3 Germany

MICHEL Deutschland-Spezial-Katalog, Umfang 1500 Seiten, Abb. in schwarz-weiss.

Section 4.1.4 Great Britain

MICHEL Grossbritannien-Spezial-Katalog 1990, Mit Guernsey, Insel Man und Jersey; 552 Seiten, ca. 2800 Abb. und ca. 38000 Pr., 42,-- DM. ``Alle Phosporstreifen-, Papier- und Gummiunterschiede sind katalogisiert und bewertet, dazu zahlreiche Abarten. ... ausf"uhrliche katalogisierung aller Heftchen mit und ohne Zusammendrucke, der Zwischenstegpaare mit und ohne Farbampeln, der Rollenmarken, der Maximumkarten und der FDC's ... . Weiter enh"alt der Katalog Briefbewertungen f"ur die nicht mehr frankaturg"ultigen Marken.''

GB Specialised catalogue (prices in UK pounds):

Vol 1 - Queen Victoria - 10th edition published June 1992 (18.95) Vol 2 - The Kings - 9th edition published January 1993 (18.95) Vol 3 - QEII Pre-decimal issues - 9th edition published October 1993 (22.50) Vol 4 - QEII Decimal definitives - 7th edition published June 1994 (19.95) Vol 5 - QEII Decimal commemoratives - 2nd edition published 1991 (16.95)

The Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp Catalogue is a single volume paperback. It includes all GB and features a Machin index, Machin booklet pane guide, and a complete listing of GB booklets. It also includes Regionals and back-of-the-book. It is issued annually in the spring. 1994 edition list price 9.95.

Section 4.1.5 Baltic States

Bill Apsit writes: This is the fundamental catalogue information for the stamps of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. There is more, but these are the fundamental sources.

Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Revenues

. Baltic States Revenues, European Philately 9 by J Barefoot Ltd 40pp, booklet format, in English; England, 1988 largely a compendium of other information sources by a primary dealer in this material; brief desciptions exclude physical dimensions of stamps and most varieties; prices, often far higher than U.S. prices, may not correspond to relative scarcity/availability.

Estonia, Postal Stamps

. EESTI ESTONIA ESTLAND, Philately & Postal History by Vambola Hurt and Elmar Ojaste 767pp, hardbound, in English; Sweden, 1986 published by the Estonia Philatelic Societies in Sweden and New York an extensive specialized catalogue with excellent illustrations and descriptions of varieties, meter marks International Reply Coupons, field post, special delivery, postage due, censorship, provisional cancels Cyrillic cancels, special cancels, meter marks, etc. very highly recommended; excellent

Estonia, Revenue Stamps

. "Estonian Revenue Stamps" (in Eesti Filatelist 1978 yearbook) by P. Tammaru a brief article with illustrations; subsequent yearbooks include brief items descibing additional revenue stamps

Latvia, Postal Stamps

. Lettland: Handbuch Philatelie und Postgeschichte published by Harry v Hofmann in 3 volumes: . Band 1 Die Briefmarken, I 192pp, softcover, in German; Germany, 1988 lists issues in date sequence with extensive coverage of varieties and many illustrations; includes brief but very helpful information on postal rates; covers the early issues of independent Latvia in great detail recommended; English readers may need a German dictionary for the names of colours, etc.; some prices are out of synchorization (Latvia #1 on the black map is far too high) . Band 2/3 Die Briefmarken, II/III 260pp, softcover, in German; Germany, 1988 lists the remaining issues of independent Latvia from 1918 to 1940; specialized; well-illustrated; one error is showing forged perfs on imperf CB1/2 as 'imperf pairs' . (Band 5) Die Stempel 320pp, softcover, in German; Germany, 1987 illustrates provisional cancels; lists regular cancels, travelling post office cancels, feldpost cancels, machine cancels, etc.; apparently used N. Jakimovs work without permission, for which an apology was made available from Harry v Hofmann, Postfach 52 05 18, 2000 Hamburg 52, Germany

. The Post Offices and Postmarks of Latvia, 1918-1945 by N. Jakimovs 320pp, photocopy format, in English & German; Germany, 1988 covers very similar ground to the (Band 5) Die Stempel, above, which was largely based on Jakimovs' work; the page numbering system is quirky and the English is poor, but usually comprehendable available from Bill Apsit, 68 Shadybrook Crescent, Guelph Ontario, CANADA N1G 3G6

. The Postal & Monetary Historyof Latvia, 1918-1945 by N. Jakimovs and V. Marcilger 340 pages, photocopy format, in English; Germany, 1991 very helpful and interesting coverage of the philatelic history of Latvia, rates, financial services of the post office (money letters, money orders, etc.), censorship, registered mail, International Reply Coupons, etc.; includes a final section, by V. Marcilger, on the banknotes used in Latvia; unfortunately the English is poor and sometimes difficult to understand

. Latvia Map Stamps, European Philately 12 by J Barefoot Ltd 36pp, booklet format, in English; York, England, 1983 a nice English language introduction to Latvia #1, which was printed on the backs of leftover German military maps from World War I; has incorrect information, such as the listing of tete-beche pairs; see Die Briefmarken, Band I, for clearer and more complete information (in German)

Latvia, Revenue Stamps

. The Revenue Stamps of Latvia by W. Apsit, B. Egle, J. Norton 80 pages, photocopy format, in English; Guelph, Canada, 1991 published by W. Apsit lists the revenues issued for use in Latvia by Czarist Russia, World War I German and Russian occupations, independent Latvia, and World War II Russian and German occupations; includes municipal issues and varieties available from Bill Apsit, 68 Shadybrook Crescent, Guelph, Ontario, CANADA N1G 3G6

Lithuania, Postal Stamps . Postage Stamps of Lithuania by Lithuanian Philatelic Societies of New York and Toronto 237pp, hardbound, in English; New York, 1978 published by the Collectors Club Inc., New York a catalogue listing quantities issued, designer, and varieties; covers issues of independent Lithuania, 1928 to 1940; unpriced if you want more than Scott (or Michel) provides, this is it

. Price List Supplement by the Lithuanian Philatelic Society of New York 50pp, softbound, in English; 1985 lists prices for the Postage Stamps of Lithuania, as well as typographical errors excluding pricing information in the original catalogue was unfortunate; an inconvenient but necessary supplement

Lithuania, Revenue Stamps

. Catalogue of the Lithuanian Revenue Stamps by Raimondas Lapas 32pp, booklet format, in English & Lithuanian; USA, 1971 the standard for 20 years, produced by Lapas as a teenager; very useful; lists some non-existant documentary types for 1936-40, which were largely in Baltic States Revenues; includes some non-existant municipal revenues

. Catalogue of the Adhesive Revenue Stamps of Germany, V, Danzig, Memel, Oberschliesien by Erler and Norton 110pp, softbound, in English & German; Germany, 1980 the standard for revenues of Memel (pp 73-91), with far more extensive coverage than any other source

Section 4.1.6 Romania

Nicholas G. Carter writes in May 1995: Catologul Marcilor Postale Romanesti by Dragomir and Surpatinu, 1974. In Romanian (but understandable if you know Italian or Spanish). This is THE catalog for Romanian collectors; it is unfortunately long out of print and impossible to get. One can only hope it is reprinted. A companion, Stampilographie Postala (Postmarks) , written by Dragomir, was issued in 1990.

Section 4.1.7 Scandinavia

MICHEL Skandinavien-Katalog 1990/91, 368 Seiten, rund 4000 Abb. und 20000 Preisnotierungen, 28,-- DM. Inhalt: D"anemark, Finnland, Island, Norwegen, Schweden.

Paul A. Nelson writes: FACIT Specialized covers Denmark (including Danish West Indies, the Faeroes, Greenland, and the Slesvig plebiscite), Finland (including Aaland, Karelia, Aunus, Eastern Karelia), Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The most comprehensive Scandinavian catalog for most purposes.

Section 4.1.8 Norway

Paul A. Nelson writes: The Norgeskatalogen is the most specialized catalog for Norway, it is only in Norwegian but its illustrations and information are easily understood by English readers. Facit specialized is the runnerup; bilingual Swedish and English; both catalogs available from Jay Smith.

Section 4.1.9 Sweden

Paul A. Nelson writes: Facit Specialized, as well as some other publications from the same firm which deal with postal history, cancellations, etc. There are also several specialized handbooks published by the SFF, the Swedish Philatelic Society, which deal with individual subjects such as locals, regional postal history, etc. All are available in the US from Jay Smith.

Facit Specialized covers Denmark (including Danish West Indies, the Faeroes, Greenland, and the Slesvig plebiscite), Finland (including Aaland, Karelia, Aunus, Eastern Karelia), Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The most comprehensive Scandinavian catalog for most purposes.

Section 4.1.10 Denmark

Paul A. Nelson writes: AFA catalog, from Aarhus Frimaerkehandel AS. Periodic specialized edition, annual edition for Denmark alone, for Scandinavia, etc. AFA is available in the US from Jay Smith and Associates, Snow Camp, NC 27349.

The specialized information has an authorized translation into English and is available from Scandinavian Philatelic Library of Southern California, P O Box 310, Claremont, CA 91711. Information upon request.

Also excellent coverage in the Facit Specialized Catalog from Sweden, which includes good information about all the Scandinavian areas. Facit is bilingual; Swedish and English. Info from SPLSC. Available in US from Jay Smith and Associates, Snow Camp, NC 27349.

Section 4.1.11 Greenland

Section 4.1.12 Finland

Paul A. Nelson writes: In addition to the Facit Specialized catalog from Sweden, which is bilingual Swedish and English, and the NORMA catalog from Finland, which is also bilingual, the LAPE catalog from Finland is also recommended. All are available from Jay Smith, Snow Camp NC 27349.

Martti Tolvanen writes: For serious collecting of Finnish stamp you really need both [FACIT and] Norma is superior in the classic issues, but hopeless in modern definitive varieties (lion types of 1963 and 1975). The most exhaustive treatment of all issues can be found in Suomen postimerkkien k\ae sikirja (Handbook of Finnish Stamps), 6 or 7 volumes, but it's all in Finnish, and out-dated in the last volume, and it doesn't contain any valuations.

Section 4.1.13 Iceland

Paul A. Nelson writes: The IZLENSK catalog is the single-country catalog for Iceland. The Facit specialized catalog from Sweden has good listings for Iceland including postal stationery, cancellations, and WWII APO and British Fieldpost covers. Both are available from Jay Smith.

Larry Crain writes in Early 1995: The Facit catalogue, published in Sweden but with English is excellent. There is also an excellent book Exploring Iceland Through Its Stamps by Don Brandt. Although not a catalogue, it is an wonderful source of information and is very readable.

Section 4.1.14 Germany

MICHEL Briefmarken-Katalog Deutschland 1990/91 (farbig), 657 Seiten. Inhalt: Deutsche Staaten [Baden, Bayern, Bergedorf, Braunschweig, Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Helgoland, L"ubeck, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Norddeutscher Postbezirk, Oldenburg, Preussen, Sachsen, Schleswig-Holstein, Thurn und Taxis, W"urttemberg], Deutsches Reich, Deutsche Auslandspost"amter [Deutsche Post in: China, Marokko, der T"urkei], , Deutsche Kolonien [Deutsch-Neuguinea, Deutsch-Ostafrika, Deutsch- S"udwestafrika, Kamerun, Karolinen, Kiautschou, Marianen, Marshall-Inseln, Samoa, Togo], Deutsche Schiffspost im Ausland, Deutsche Abstimmungsgebiete [Allenstein (Ostpreussen), Marienwerer (Westpreussen), Oberschlesien, Schleswig], Danzig (Freie Stadt), Memelgebiet, Saargebiet, Saarland, Deutsche Besetzungsausgaben des Ersten Weltkrieges (1914/18), Sudetenland, Deutsche Besetzungsausgaben des Zweiten Weltkrieges (1939/45), Feldpostmarken, Deutsche Lokalausgaben, Alliierte Besetzung, Gemeinschaftsausgaben, Franz"osische Zone, Amerikanische und britische Zone, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Berlin (West), Berlin und Brandenburg, Sowjetische Zone, Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

Section 4.1.15 Ireland

McDonnell Whyte; Stamps of Ireland

Section 4.1.16 Russia

For the advanced collector, the 514 pp "Spezialkatalog RSFSR und 
U.d.S.S.R. 1918-60" by Rolf Weinbrecht, Kastanienalle 15, D-76789 
Karlsruhe 21, Germany (Selbstverlag 1995). It describes a lot of types 
and varieties not found in standard catalogues. 
				Njl Oftedal Jacobsen, Stavanger, NORWAY

Alexander Safonoff writes:

Most information about Russian philately is to be found in journals, not catalogues.

The following is a list of relevant journals dealing with Russian Philately. Where the ending dates are not shown, it is not known if the journal is still published. I (A.Safonoff) personally have copies of all English journals designated by ***.

(In Russian)
SOVIET PHILATELIST/COLLECTOR (1922-1932)                                
ROSSICA (1930-1965)                                                 
RUSSIAN PHILATELIST (1961-1969)         
SOVIET COLLECTOR (1963-    )            
PHILATELY USSR (1966-    )              

(In Russian/English) ROSSIKA - FAR EASTERN SUPPLEMENT (SHANGHAI) (1940-1941)***


(In German) POCTA/POST (1973 - )



Section 4.1.17 Netherlands

NVPH Catalogus, 1995 (Issued yearly in January, complete up to Dec. 31 of previous year.

NVPH Speciale Catalogus, 1995 (Issued yearly, appears toward the end of previous year, complete up to approx. August)

Section 4.1.18 Italy

Giorgio Chianetta writes in May 1995:

    * SASSONE Catalogues:

Editor: SASSONE Editrice Srl Fax: +39-6-5410908 Via Augusto Vera, 19 I-00142 ROME - ITALY

- SASSONE Italy and Italian area Complete Catalogue 1995: 2 vols, full color. Only in Italian. Volume I: Old Italian States, Kingdom of Italy, RSI, Republic, Trieste/AMG, Local issues, San Marino, Vatican City, Military occupations of WWI and WWII. 800 pag. Volume II: Italian military occupations, Foreign Postal Offices, Italian Colonies, Postal stationery. 300 pag. Sold only with first volume.

- SASSONE Old Italian States Catalogue: classics of Italy up to 1900, 500 pag., full color, cloth-bound, 1995 edition. Only in Italian.

- SASSONE Italy and Trieste Specialised Catalogue 1995: 700 pag. with description of all varieties and watermark positions of Republic and Trieste/AMG.


* BOLAFFI Catalogues:

Editor: Alberto BOLAFFI Srl Fax: +39-11-56.20.456 Via Cavour, 17 I-10123 TORINO ITALY

- BOLAFFI National Catalog of Italian Stamps: 3 vols, full color. Only in Italian. Volume I: Old Italian States, Kingdom of Italy, Republic. Volume II: San Marino and Vatican City. Volume III: Italian Colonies and Occupations.

Volumes are sold only in this combinations: I, I+II, I+II+III.

- Bolaffi-Sassone "Blue" Catalog 1995: Complete Italian area catalog.


* CEI Catalog:

Editor: CEI - Catalogo Encicplopedico Italiano Via Codara,1 Fax: +39-2-83.76.116 20144 MILANO ITALY

Agents: Europe Vera Trinder 38 Bedford Street London WC2E 9EU England

Canada Unitrade Associates 91 Tycos Drive Toronto - Ontario M6B 1W3 Canada

USA Subway Stamp Shop 111 Nassau Street New York - NY 10038 USA

South Kolodziej Demetrio Andres America Colombres, 532 1706 Haedo Buenos Aires Argentina

- "CATALOGO ENCICLOPEDICO ITALIANO 1995": 2 vols, color and b&w, with postal history notes, rates, postal stationery, international glossary for philatelic terms (Italian, French, English, German). Volume I: Republic, Trieste/AMG, Local issues. Full color. Only in Italian. Volume II: Kingdom of Italy, Military occupations, RSI, Military Post. Black and White, cross index with Scott, Y&T, Bolaffi, Sassone numbers. Sold only with the 1st volume. Only in Italian.


* UNIFICATO Catalogues:

Editor: C.I.F. Commercianti Italiani Filatelici Srl C.P. 1708 I-20101 MILANO ITALY

CIF is editor of several catalogues for Italy and other countries. For the Italian area, the catalogues are:

- Italy and Italian Area: Old Italian States, Kingdom of Italy, Republic, San Marino, Vatican City, Trieste, Occupations, Colonies. Full color. Only in Italian.

- Republic, San Marino, Vatican City: quick catalog, full color.


Section 4.1.19 France

writes in May 1995: I am now using a Ceres catalogue for French Colonies - it seems very good for a non-specialist collector such as myself. This catalogue also includes United Nations, Andorra, Monaco.

Section 4.1.20 Spain


Rodney Knight writes:

EDIFIL publishes a specialized catalogue in 2 volumes which includes vastly more information than in the normal edition. This catalogue lists all the varieties for each issue, gives prices for (on earlier issues) multiples and on-cover, includes telegraph stamps, and a range of other oddities. Also postal stationery, (including privately issued. The last edition was 1991 at a cost of 7000 pta. Note that the Edifil catalogues are the prices charged by Spanish dealers and there has been little movement since this came out: the prices in the 1994 'simplified' edition are only up a little.

Edifil Specialised Catalogue 1995 edition

Volume 1 Spain 1850 - 1949 5000 ptas

480pp hardback

This catalogue is a major advance on the previous (1991) edition. It covers what previously took 140 pages, and nas much more detailed listings particularly of specimens and of control numbering in the 1900 - 1930 issues. The Columbus 1930 issue, which was 2 1/2 pages, now occupies 16 pages. Postage rates are included throughout the catalogue. All illustrations are in black/white, at full size. It only covers postage stamps up to 1949, so for the present the 1991 edition (2 volumes, 7000 ptas) is still required for specialised listings of Barcelona, Valencia, Local Civil War issues, Telegraphs, postal stationery, Franquicias postales, Hojas Recuerdo, Giro, Cruzada Contra El Frio, Beneficencia and the Colonies.

Edifil Catalogue 1995 edition

Spain and Colonies 1850 - Jul 1994 2400 ptas

307pp soft cover

Each (different) stamp is illustrated in colour. Includes telegraphs, Barcelona, Valencia, Beneficencia and Colonies (including Equatorial Guinea of the last few years). For Spanish stamps up to 1900 there is a listing for multiples and for covers.


Martti Tolvanen writes: In the case of Spain the most widely used Spanish national catalogs (Edifil, Anfil) don't give much advantage over general catalogs in terms of information. Postal stationery is the only thing I'd miss if I didn't have a country catalog. The nice thing is seeing all designs in color, so locating an issue is much quicker.

Section 4.1.21 Switzerland

MICHEL Schweiz/Liechtenstein-Spezial-Katalog 1990, 318 Seiten, ca. 3000 Abb. und 23000 Pr., 28,-- DM.

Section 4.2 North & South America

Nicholas G. Carter writes in May 1995: These are all catalogues that I have in my philatelic library and which I use, in conjunction with the worldwide catalogues for particular countries. As I am interested in the research angle, rather than the current values, many of these books are 10-20 years old; in most cases I am sure that more recent editions exist.

Argentina: Sellos Postales de la Republica Argentina. Edited by M. Samowerskyz (earlier editions by V. Petrovich). In Spanish with illustrations in color. Includes detailed listings on paper and watermark varieties. This is the catalogue used by most Argentinos in the Buenos Aires market. Uses Yvert numbers. My edition is 1988. (27th)

Bolivia: Catalogo de Sellos Postales de Bolivia, CEFILCO. By Simon Martinic, 6th edition 1981. In Spanish Has Scott and Yvert numbers.

Peru: Catalogo Especializado de Estampillas del Peru. In Spanish Juan G. Bustamente, 1975. Own numbers.

Uruguay: Catalogo de Sellos. Federico Mottek. Yvert numbers, in Spanish. 1971.

Brazil: Catalogo de Selos do Brasil. Dr. Francisco Schiffer. In Portugese. 1971 (29th edition) Numbers definitives and commemoratives separately, and thus not keyed to a major catalog.

Venezuela: Catalogo Especializado de Estampillas de Venezuela. Prof. Juan Jose Valera. 8th edition, 1982. Uses its own numbers with Scott and Yvert keyed in. In Spanish.

Colombia: Catalogo Especializado de Colombia, by A. Barriga. 1975. Stamps of all types in one chronological list, thus no relation to other catalogues. Has listings of Departmental and Telegraph stamps.

Of the above catalogues, the ones which add significantly to the information in the worldwide catalogues are the Argentine, the Brazilian, the Malaysian and especially the Romanian (in the Asia and Europe sections of this chapter, ed.).

Section 4.2.1 USA

David Lee writes: "Durland Standard Plate Number Catalogue" published by the Bureau Issues Association.. Updated periodically. Current 1994 edition is available for sale at $20.00 postpaid in the U.S. BIA member price is $16.00. Soft bound reference book contains all plate numbers of United States stamps, both regular, air mail and back of book issues since Bureau of Engraving and Printing began printing for the Postal Service in 1894; all known reported positions and catalogue value listed. Appendices include information on the various printing presses used at the BEP. Order from: BIA, P.O. Box 23707, Belleville, IL. 62223

Section 4.2.2 Canada

Canadian Military Post Offices to 1993 --- by Darnell, CDN $34.95

Barry Moss writes: In Canada, the Scott catalogs are the preferred catlogs for general use. Almost all auctions, ads, price lists use the Scott numbering except for items which are not listed in Scott's. There are two Canadian Specialized catalogs:

Darnell Inc. 
P.O.BOX 1104,
Station B, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3K9, Canada.

Unitrade Associates 91 Tycos Drive, Toronto, Ontario, M6B1W3, Canada

Section 4.3 Asia

Section 4.3.1 China

Ma's illustated catalogue revised 1992 editition

Chan's color illustrated catalogue

Ko An Ho's china catalogue - 1995 edition

Section 4.3.2 Malaysia - Singapore

Nicholas G. Carter writes in May 1995: Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei: Stamps and Postal Stationery 1990. (18th ed) By Steven Tan. In English.

Section 4.3.3 Thailand

Thai Stamps 1994 by Sakserm Siriwong, published by Siam Stamp Trading Company Ltd, Bangkok. 142 pp. Text in Thai with a minimum of English, but the prints are in colour.

Michel Asien 1994 is more easily accessible, and good on varieties of early provisionals. (Markku.Peltoniemi)

Section 4.3.4 Japan

R J Hare writes: There are two specialised catalogues for Japan that I know of: Sakura and Japan Stamp Dealers Association. Both are a5(ish) format, printed in colour with illustrations about 2/3 lifesize. Both are organised in roughly the same way - definitives, commems, airs, new year, national parks, Ryukyus,postal stationary,etc all have their own chapters. Neither are (surprisingly) as detailed on the early issues as (say) Gibbons.

Section 4.4 Africa

Section 4.4.1 South Africa

[Kaleb S. KEITHLEY writes in May 1995:

The South African Stamp Colour Catalogue is published by:

Lutz Heffermann, P.O. Box 567, Johannesburg 2000, South Africa.

The catalog is apparently published occasionally. I've heard of a '92 and a 1995 edition. The 1985 edition I have lists the following as sources for the catalog:

Australia: Philatelic Wholesalers, 24 Stanley Street, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066 Australia

Austria: Verlag Riat Rosner, A-1030 Wien, Postfach 273, Austria

USA: Harry Edelman, 111-137 Lefferts Boulevard, 50 Ozone Park, NY 11420, USA

Great Britain: Vera Trinder Ltd., 38 Bedford Street, Strand, London WC2 E9EU

Germany: Burkhard Schneider, D-6000 Frankfurt 1, Postfach 4331, Germany

Holland & Belgium: P.W Meinhardt, Bleyenburg 5, Den Haag, Netherlands

Japan: Yasukazu Furuuchi, Central P.O. Box 1003, Tokyo, Japan

The 1985 edition covers:

Stamps of South Africa from 1910 Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, and Ciskei Cape of Good Hope (but not Natal, Orange Free State, or Transvaal) Mafeking Siege Zululand South West Africa from 1884 (Now Namibia) Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, and Rhodesia-Nyasaland

Section 4.5 Australia, Pacific & Other

Section 4.5.1 Australia

Collect Australian Stamps/ ed by Vic Waller.-. East Malvern, Vic : VSL. Current edition is 9th, 1994. Published annually by Victorian Stamp Traders, East Malvern, Victoria Cost=$A 7.95

Description: A simplified guide to Australian and Australian Antarctic Territory postage stamps. Only lists basic issues but includes full colour illus. of every Stamp issued since Federation. Includes minisheets and framas. Prices given for MUH, FU, FDC, MS.

Section 4.5.2 Australia

ACS Colour Catalogue: New Zealand Stamps.-.Auckland : ACS. 1995 ed is available for Aust $6. Published annually by Auckland City Stamps, P.O. Box 3496, Auckland, N.Z.

Description: Full colour illustration of all N.Z. issues (reduced in size), including minisheets, Christmas stamps, Health issues, Lighthouses etc. and some varieties.

Section 4.6 United Nations

MICHEL CEPT/UNO Katalog 1990/91, Umfang 248 Seiten, rund 2300 Abb. und 9000 Pr., 14,80 DM. S"amtliche Gemeinschaftsausgaben der CEPT-L"ander einscheisslich Vorl"aufer und Sympathieausgaben/Mitl"aufer, Dienstmarken f"ur den Europarat und die UNESCO; NATO, EFTA, Skandinavien-Gemeinschaftsausgaben, KSZE; Vereinte Nationen (UNO) Genf, Wien und New York.

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